Harnessing the Power of AI to Generate Real-World Evidence: A Biopharma Perspective

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Summary of Presentation

The presentation discusses how to establish an effective Real-World Evidence strategy across a product lifecycle. Pfizer recognizes the importance of involving Research and Development (R&D) colleagues from Phase II onwards. This helps incorporate endpoints that align with Real-World Evidence goals, choose the appropriate data sources and methodological approaches to structure and analyze data to produce a viable action plan, and establish a robust partnership ecosystem that enables the effective deployment of the Real-World Evidence strategy. 


Biopharma companies are using real world data combined with AI to accelerate drug development and deliver more personalized and predictive medicine by determining genomic profiles, recognizing a need for immediate clinical intervention, and monitoring medication adherence. A key challenge will be ensuring that AI is developed and used in a way that is transparent and compatible with the public interest, while stimulating innovation in the sector. 


There are four major use cases: drug discovery, drug development, comparative effectiveness, and personalized medicine. These experiences shed light on several key lessons that are valuable for HHS: How far do you want to go? What data is needed and how to implement AI? How will you use the results to quantify results and use data? Pfizer believes that big data strategy, management, and curation are the foundational elements of any effective AI strategy. Data democratization, data security and sustained leadership matters. 


About The Presenter

A picture of Christopher P. BooneChristopher P. Boone is the former Vice President and Head of Real-World Data & Analytics at Pfizer; an adjunct professor in health informatics & data analytics at NYU; and a co-founder of a few start-up companies. He currently works as the Vice President, Global Head, Health Economics, & Outcomes Research at Abbvie. Previously, he was the Vice President of Real World Informatics & Digital Strategies at Avalere Health, CEO of the Health Data Consortium, the health informatics lead for the American Heart Association, and a health informatics leader at several major health