A policymaker speaks to an audience about health data sharing


Policymakers are responsible for setting the rules of the road when it comes to health data sharing. They are able to address the shortcomings of emerging types of data, provide new privacy policies that protect patients, and more. This section covers some of the major areas for policymakers to understand health data sharing.

Actionable Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence

Develop a Health Data AI Strategy for Your Agency

What specific steps can you take to implement an AI Strategy?

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Recommendations for Policymakers Looking to Address Privacy Issues

From HIPAA modifications to legislative oversight, these strategies can safeguard privacy while providing data access.

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Social Determinants of Health

Recommendations to Address the Social Determinants of Health

Better data standards, supporting community-based organizations, and other improvements.

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Recommendations to Address COVID-19 in Minority Communities

Learn about the immediate actions that key stakeholders can take to address COVID-19 in low-income and minority communities.

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Recommendations for policymakers to address COVID-19 data gaps

Solutions to better share and use data to fight COVID-19.

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