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COVID-19: Roundtable Report, Resources, and Questions

The COVID-19 crisis has led to an explosion of data analysis and data-driven debate, perhaps more than any other event in recent history. Government agencies, nonprofits, and news organizations have collected both public health and social data, published it widely, and conducted many analyses to help guide decision-making about the pandemic. However, there are a number of gaps and limitations that need to be addressed to meet the unique challenges of COVID-19 data collection. This section describes issues and potential solutions to combat COVID-19 by leveraging resources such as SDOH data, building interoperability among states’ systems, and supporting surveillance testing. For more ideas on using SDOH data, please visit

Briefing Paper: Using SDOH Data to Fight COVID-19

Paper discusses the challenges and opportunities for using SDOH data to fight COVID-19, support health system resilience, and address disparities in low income and minority communities.

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Roundtable Report: Using SDOH Data to Fight COVID-19

This report presents findings and recommendations from the Roundtable on Using SDOH Data to Fight COVID-19 and Support Recovery Efforts.

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